AQUA Blaster List Price: $1150.00

The Aqua Blaster is a harness frame that incorporates a 1.5 and or a 1.75 inch fire hose and 1.5 inch fire nozzle. The purpose of the constructed design and mechanical function of the Aqua Blaster is to allow the manual use of a charged fire hose to be more manageable while relieving tension and stress on the back and joints which can drastically reduce or eliminate fatigue and possible injuries that’s associated with using fire hoses. Just like when using the fire hose in the conventional sense, the Aqua Blaster can also be used to deploy water and other agents like foam concentrates, dry and or wet chemicals, and gels that’s presently being used with fire hoses. The Aqua Blaster is an accessory that compliments a variety of existing and off the shelf products that will allow them to be used in a safer and innovative way as an option. Included are two Power Point Illustrations that highlights the safety benefits when using the Aqua Blaster and how the Navy and other military branches could benefit with having the Aqua Blaster available on their ships and vessels that are out at sea. The Aqua Blaster can be incorporated in the various facets of firefighting and other industries and tasks that requires the manual use of fire hoses. For additional information, feel free to contact me.

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